Kogi L.G.A Postal Code

This is a Complete list of Kogi L.G.A Postal Code, Towns and Villages. Kogi L.G.A Zip code is the same as Kogi L.G.A Postal code or L.G.A Postcode. Below we have the full list of postal code for Kogi district area.

This list is organized by areas, districts and street. Mostly all the street in each area have the same postal/zip code. The Kogi L.G.A Zip code is the nine digits at the front of each streets. The streets are under the area .

List of Kogi Districts

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Abuse BassaKoton Karifi
AchaboKoton Karifi
AdabodeKoton Karifi
AdagimaKoton Karifi
AdamaKoton Karifi
Adamuro-BassaKoton Karifi
AdanyaKoton Karifi
Adigi-GwariKoton Karifi
AdihoKoton Karifi
AdinjereKoton Karifi
AdohuKoton Karifi
AdokiKoton Karifi
Afanya BassaKoton Karifi
Afoto GiwaKoton Karifi
Agaboshi GwariKoton Karifi
AgagaKoton Karifi
AhokoKoton Karifi
Aiyara-GbanaganaKoton Karifi
AjanaguKoton Karifi
Ajita BassaKoton Karifi
Akabu-AnuuyaKoton Karifi
AkabuKoton Karifi
Akori BassaKoton Karifi
AkpabiKoton Karifi
AkpakuKoton Karifi
AkparaKoton Karifi
AkpasuKoton Karifi
AkpoKoton Karifi
AkpoguKoton Karifi
Akpori BassaKoton Karifi
AllahKoton Karifi
AmokoKoton Karifi
AnegbakiKoton Karifi
AniuraKoton Karifi
ApashiKoton Karifi
Araaba ArakpoKoton Karifi
AraweKoton Karifi
AseniKoton Karifi
AshishiKoton Karifi
AtakiKoton Karifi
Balu AkureKoton Karifi
BassaKoton Karifi
BehuKoton Karifi
BibirokoKoton Karifi
BishiwoKoton Karifi
Bitizuba BassaKoton Karifi
Bori-BassaKoton Karifi
ChakarukuKoton Karifi
Chigbeche BisaKoton Karifi
ChikaraKoton Karifi
DagboguaKoton Karifi
DangareKoton Karifi
Deneku-BassaKoton Karifi
Dillo AshinaKoton Karifi
Dillo-BassaKoton Karifi
DogboKoton Karifi
Duduku-BassaKoton Karifi
DugbejiKoton Karifi
EdehaKoton Karifi
EkpegiKoton Karifi
EkpurkaKoton Karifi
EnyikabuKoton Karifi
EreyiKoton Karifi
EshikabuKoton Karifi
EshikakuKoton Karifi
EteKoton Karifi
FerekeKoton Karifi
Gabo NyenyiKoton Karifi
GainabiKoton Karifi
GanagedoKoton Karifi
GbagedeKoton Karifi
GbangeKoton Karifi
Gbaramu-BassaKoton Karifi
GbenduKoton Karifi
GbodegeKoton Karifi
GbodogoKoton Karifi
GbogboroKoton Karifi
Gbogu-BassaKoton Karifi
GbugbuduKoton Karifi
Geba BassaKoton Karifi
Gegu-BekiKoton Karifi
GinirnyaKoton Karifi
GitataKoton Karifi
GozakiKoton Karifi
Gujuro-AfutaKoton Karifi
GumboKoton Karifi
Idu IgbiraKoton Karifi
IganumaKoton Karifi
Igbogo BassaKoton Karifi
Igeneku BassaKoton Karifi
IkumoKoton Karifi
IradaKoton Karifi
IrakiKoton Karifi
IrakoKoton Karifi
IronoduKoton Karifi
IzeneKoton Karifi
KaibeKoton Karifi
KalloKoton Karifi
KaragbaKoton Karifi
KaritataKoton Karifi
Kime BassaKoton Karifi
Kitikpomi-BassaKoton Karifi
KokoshiKoton Karifi
Koton-KarfeKoton Karifi
Kpabkanki BassaKoton Karifi
Kpakpara GakiyaKoton Karifi
KpakpaziKoton Karifi
KparikuKoton Karifi
KpatakuKoton Karifi
Kpokpplobi BassaKoton Karifi
Ktakariku-GwariKoton Karifi
Kwakwa GoroKoton Karifi
KweluKoton Karifi
KworakiKoton Karifi
LasaniyaKoton Karifi
Logoji GogoKoton Karifi
Madalla GwariKoton Karifi
Maiwa bassaKoton Karifi
MakeruKoton Karifi
Makpa AubirikiKoton Karifi
MakpaKoton Karifi
Mangoro BassaKoton Karifi
Manko BassaKoton Karifi
Merere BassaKoton Karifi
Mozu-EteKoton Karifi
NapokoKoton Karifi
NarawantiKoton Karifi
NogeKoton Karifi
NyabaKoton Karifi
Obaye UbboKoton Karifi
OboboKoton Karifi
OdakeKoton Karifi
OdamaKoton Karifi
Odanyi IgbiraKoton Karifi
OddaKoton Karifi
OdugbaKoton Karifi
OfokoKoton Karifi
OgaseKoton Karifi
OhimigusaKoton Karifi
Ohimozi BassaKoton Karifi
OhokangaKoton Karifi
Ohwehuru BassaKoton Karifi
OkeleKoton Karifi
OkofiKoton Karifi
OkpakaKoton Karifi
OkparakeKoton Karifi
Okporudu OkppzogiKoton Karifi
Oleyangana IgbiraKoton Karifi
OmaniKoton Karifi
OmokeKoton Karifi
OnbuKoton Karifi
OnzoKoton Karifi
OrehiKoton Karifi
Osakpa-IgbiraKoton Karifi
Osoku-AgbiraKoton Karifi
OsppriduKoton Karifi
OzahiKoton Karifi
OzugbeKoton Karifi
Pand GbaraKoton Karifi
PokuKoton Karifi
Rambo BassaKoton Karifi
RegbetaKoton Karifi
Rekabeba BassaKoton Karifi
Riyiya GanaganaKoton Karifi
RobomiKoton Karifi
Rokpokpo-GufaciKoton Karifi
Sabo-GwariKoton Karifi
SamarigaKoton Karifi
SansanyiKoton Karifi
SanunariyaaKoton Karifi
Seregyanama BassaKoton Karifi
ShagayaKoton Karifi
ShedemaKoton Karifi
Shiden BassaKoton Karifi
ShikakuKoton Karifi
Shimbabeji-BassaKoton Karifi
Sulumanyi BassaKoton Karifi
Taluwa GwariKoton Karifi
TanabuKoton Karifi
TawariKoton Karifi
Tazenyi IgbiraKoton Karifi
TegeKoton Karifi
TenegeKoton Karifi
Tototo BassaKoton Karifi
Toyi GufaciKoton Karifi
Tungan anamuKoton Karifi
Tusa BassaKoton Karifi
Ubbe BassaKoton Karifi
UgweKoton Karifi
UhanaKoton Karifi
UkwoKoton Karifi
UmanyareKoton Karifi
UnwariKoton Karifi
UsodomiKoton Karifi
UwaKoton Karifi
WerewereKoton Karifi
YelwaKoton Karifi
Yinakoro BassaKoton Karifi
ZaganaKoton Karifi
ZarumaiKoton Karifi

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