Itesiwaju L.G.A Postal Code

This is a Complete list of Itesiwaju L.G.A Postal Code, Towns and Villages. Itesiwaju L.G.A Zip code is the same as Itesiwaju L.G.A Postal code or L.G.A Postcode. Below we have the full list of postal code for Itesiwaju district area.

This list is organized by areas, districts and street. Mostly all the street in each area have the same postal/zip code. The Itesiwaju L.G.A Zip code is the nine digits at the front of each streets. The streets are under the area .

List of Itesiwaju Districts

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AbugagaIpapo/Oke Amu
AlagbedeIpapo/Oke Amu
Amuda EgunsolaIpapo/Oke Amu
AriyoIpapo/Oke Amu
ArojeIpapo/Oke Amu
AyodeleIpapo/Oke Amu
Baba SangoIpapo/Oke Amu
BalelayoIpapo/Oke Amu
ElekukuIpapo/Oke Amu
HagbeIpapo/Oke Amu
IgboroIpapo/Oke Amu
IpapoIpapo/Oke Amu
IsemiIpapo/Oke Amu
KasiaIpapo/Oke Amu
Oke AmuIpapo/Oke Amu
OkebiIpapo/Oke Amu
OkoseIpapo/Oke Amu
OnisauIpapo/Oke Amu
OwodeIpapo/Oke Amu
PanlaIpapo/Oke Amu
Aba OgbomosoKomu / Igbojaye
AdenleKomu / Igbojaye
AdetaKomu / Igbojaye
AgbaKomu / Igbojaye
AgbaruruKomu / Igbojaye
Ago FulaniKomu / Igbojaye
Ajibija.Komu / Igbojaye
AkinsaponKomu / Igbojaye
AmajaKomu / Igbojaye
AmosunKomu / Igbojaye
Apo WukuKomu / Igbojaye
Arigidana IsaleKomu / Igbojaye
Arigidana OkeKomu / Igbojaye
ArikuyeriKomu / Igbojaye
AsajaKomu / Igbojaye
Baba OdeKomu / Igbojaye
Bale AgbeKomu / Igbojaye
EhitoKomu / Igbojaye
GeledeKomu / Igbojaye
IgbojayeKomu / Igbojaye
IjasanKomu / Igbojaye
IlajiKomu / Igbojaye
KajolaKomu / Igbojaye
KomuKomu / Igbojaye
KujifiKomu / Igbojaye
MonmonKomu / Igbojaye
OgoduKomu / Igbojaye
OjurepepeKomu / Igbojaye
OleketeKomu / Igbojaye
OlukotunKomu / Igbojaye
OlunladeKomu / Igbojaye
OmopupaKomu / Igbojaye
OrisunbareKomu / Igbojaye
OrokiKomu / Igbojaye
Aba PahaTemidire Layout
AbidogunTemidire Layout
AhereTemidire Layout
AlagaTemidire Layout
Apa FunwonletaTemidire Layout
ArogedeTemidire Layout
Asaju OnilekuTemidire Layout
EgbedoyinTemidire Layout
OkakaTemidire Layout
OnijokunTemidire Layout
SuberuTemidire Layout

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