Lagelu L.G.A Postal Code

This is a Complete list of Lagelu L.G.A Postal Code, Towns and Villages. Lagelu L.G.A Zip code is the same as Lagelu L.G.A Postal code or L.G.A Postcode. Below we have the full list of postal code for Lagelu district area.

This list is organized by areas, districts and street. Mostly all the street in each area have the same postal/zip code. The Lagelu L.G.A Zip code is the nine digits at the front of each streets. The streets are under the area .

List of Lagelu Districts

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Aba EdunEjioku /Ile Igbon /Ariku
AbokeEjioku /Ile Igbon /Ariku
ArikuEjioku /Ile Igbon /Ariku
EjiokuEjioku /Ile Igbon /Ariku
ElegbadaEjioku /Ile Igbon /Ariku
ElekuruEjioku /Ile Igbon /Ariku
Eleyan IgboEjioku /Ile Igbon /Ariku
FagbemiEjioku /Ile Igbon /Ariku
Idi AkitikoEjioku /Ile Igbon /Ariku
Idi IgbaEjioku /Ile Igbon /Ariku
Idi OgunEjioku /Ile Igbon /Ariku
Idi Ogun OmowaleEjioku /Ile Igbon /Ariku
Ile IgbonEjioku /Ile Igbon /Ariku
OlodogboroEjioku /Ile Igbon /Ariku
Oloja OkeEjioku /Ile Igbon /Ariku
OnigbedeEjioku /Ile Igbon /Ariku
OnigbodoEjioku /Ile Igbon /Ariku
OyagagaEjioku /Ile Igbon /Ariku
OyediranEjioku /Ile Igbon /Ariku
Aba Bale OloboLagun / Aromona
Aba EganLagun / Aromona
AkankanLagun / Aromona
AromonaLagun / Aromona
Bale-OyaLagun / Aromona
BolorunduroLagun / Aromona
LagunLagun / Aromona
LaketuLagun / Aromona
LamuyanLagun / Aromona
OgburoLagun / Aromona
OgunjanaLagun / Aromona
OniluLagun / Aromona
OwodeLagun / Aromona
Aba lgbiraLalupon / Iyana Offa
AkinsaweLalupon / Iyana Offa
Gidi GidiLalupon / Iyana Offa
Idi OsanLalupon / Iyana Offa
Iyana OffaLalupon / Iyana Offa
Jagun EganLalupon / Iyana Offa
LaluponLalupon / Iyana Offa
MolepinLalupon / Iyana Offa
Odo ObaLalupon / Iyana Offa
Papa GegedeLalupon / Iyana Offa
SukuruLalupon / Iyana Offa
Aba OgundipeOffa-Igbo
Aba OjeOffa-Igbo
Ode OteOffa-Igbo
Offa IgboOffa-Igbo
AlatareOgunremi / Ogunsina
ElerukoOgunremi / Ogunsina
OgunremiOgunremi / Ogunsina
OgunsinaOgunremi / Ogunsina
OgunsowoOgunremi / Ogunsina
Aba AlaropoOlorunda/ Monatan
AgoroOlorunda/ Monatan
AjangbojuOlorunda/ Monatan
AkoboOlorunda/ Monatan
AlapataOlorunda/ Monatan
AlegongoOlorunda/ Monatan
ArulogunehinOlorunda/ Monatan
ArunOlorunda/ Monatan
AsiOlorunda/ Monatan
BalogunOlorunda/ Monatan
DosumuOlorunda/ Monatan
ElewuroOlorunda/ Monatan
FarintoOlorunda/ Monatan
Idi ArabaOlorunda/ Monatan
IjaraOlorunda/ Monatan
Iyana ChurchOlorunda/ Monatan
KaselaOlorunda/ Monatan
KelebeOlorunda/ Monatan
Leyland AreaOlorunda/ Monatan
MonatanOlorunda/ Monatan
New Gbagi Market AreaOlorunda/ Monatan
OlodeOlorunda/ Monatan
OlodoOlorunda/ Monatan
OlorundaOlorunda/ Monatan
OluaOlorunda/ Monatan
OnikokoroOlorunda/ Monatan
OpeoduOlorunda/ Monatan
AajeOyedeji/Olode/ Kutayi
AbaOyedeji/Olode/ Kutayi
ApatereOyedeji/Olode/ Kutayi
KufliOyedeji/Olode/ Kutayi
Kutayi-AlapaOyedeji/Olode/ Kutayi
OgoOyedeji/Olode/ Kutayi
OgunbodeOyedeji/Olode/ Kutayi
OlodeOyedeji/Olode/ Kutayi
OyedejiOyedeji/Olode/ Kutayi
AnifaSagbe / Pabiekun
AtibaSagbe / Pabiekun
BangbolaSagbe / Pabiekun
FarukanSagbe / Pabiekun
IsagedeSagbe / Pabiekun
KiremiSagbe / Pabiekun
OtedaSagbe / Pabiekun
PabiekunSagbe / Pabiekun
SagbeSagbe / Pabiekun

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